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Home is where the heart is
Dancing through life
This is likely going to be deleted in the next week, unless something drastic changes.

If you want to keep up with me, friend soloecal. That'll stay up, if anything does.

(Yes, I said only. DFers, make of this what you will.)
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This post is mostly for one person, who should hopefully know who she is if she reads this.

Yesterday, someone complained about Sauron being called misunderstood.

Immediately, I went "He IS misunderstood! All he really needs is pie, and then everything will be better! Pie will solve all his troubles!"

Today, someone mentioned people calling the villain guy from the Book That Must Not Be Named misunderstood.

"Give him pie, it'll all be better."

And there's a great sadness in me that I really don't have all that many people to share the fact that I'm still referencing something that happened almost three years ago.

Hi, I'm Angie and I'm a Short Fiction: The Musicalite. How you doing?

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Current Music: All About Soul - Billy Joel

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I've got a question for all of you.Collapse )
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A year ago, something grand and beautiful and not perfect, nothing is perfect (didn't you read the fic Peri wrote?) but this is -- so much and it is a year old today.

Today is the birthday of desperatefans.

I don't know if there's really any way to describe what that truly means. It means that this thing, this beautiful wonderful glorious thing that led to meeting my best friend, my twin (everything and I mean everything is genetic), my self, and all these other wonderful things and it just --

There aren't the words. Happy birthday, y'all. I love you to pieces.

I may be making a post on the DFfilter with individualized messages for everyone on it later on, for the record. ♥

(Also, happy birthday to OMGDFBABY. :D)

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Current Music: She's the Blade - Sugarcult

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Things are -- things. That's the relevant bits and pieces. Going to California, hopefully. Upset at people. Turning stuff in for GED tomorrow.

Google image search meme. Search for your answers to the questions and post.Collapse )

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Current Music: Nothing Really Matters - Madonna

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I am so almost late with this!

Life has been good and boring lately! Just the way I like it!

Love to Nora, randomly! And to the Ovenites!


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Current Music: Close To The Borderline - Billy Joel

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So, apparently?

...My genetics like to screw up and make me forget what I was going to say.

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Current Music: Your Eyes - RENT OST

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There's something utterly hilarious about waking up to seeing that your internet has disconnected in the night, so the first thing you see upon looking at your computer screen (which is still tuned to OOC) is your puppet's boyfriend denying the pairingosity of the OTP you have had for four and a half months.

In other news -- life is not going so well, because Angie does not handle confrontation constructively, but zomg DF awards. I'm, yeah, rather dying over the nominations my pups have gotten. (Miss McQueen, you've got a one-track mind and a good reputation laying on the line.) Mostly, it's just the fact that someone nominated the pup I spazz the most about being IC for truest to canon.

I have pink barettes in my hair. They match my pajama pants. Which are actually blue. But they have pink in them.

I have the urge to go track down all the movies that we watched in all the classes I've been in at TIP (and the rest of the Star Wars trilogy, dammit) and watch them all. Along with 28 Days, which I mustmustmustmustmust see. Sandra Bullock/Alan Tudyk OTP, y0.

I've been listening to this song nearly constantly for the past three days. I am madly in love with it and such.

In other news, bodies are silly. I was seriously falling over of tired at the computer last night, and then I curled up in bed and -- was wide awake.

It was annoying.

(And, holy crap. Duxxxie! Birthday today? Yes? HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MON SEIGNEUR. ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥)

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Current Music: If You Could Read My Mind - Gordon Lightfoot

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Random quotes from the motherthing that are hilarious in DF-context:

"I don't think we have any syrup in the house."
"You're going to have syrup in bed?"

Ladies and gentlemen, my mother.

I love her. ♥

In other news -- I forgot what I was going to say. Genetics are fun like that.

Back to bed, I think.

Current Mood: sleepy sleepy
Current Music: Butterrfly in Reverse - Counting Crows

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What I've Been Up To Elsewhere:
A few songs, posted a few days back, and a log of Maja ranting about Benji Madden
A Valentine's Day post, made early this morning, mostly about Andy and last year.

What I've Been Up To DFwise:
Very little, honestly. A few fantastic AntiOTPs with Aloysius and the application of the entirety of BoRhap to Turkey with Maja (♥) for the first AntiOTP weekend I've really been a part of.

I'm also really upset by what seems like more drama, but I'll deal with that as I always wind up managing to do. I actually do have a vague idea as to a post that I can make that might do something about the feelings Lisa continues to express.

Also, if anyone wants to thread with one of the pups, please comment. I'm really wanting to run threads for some reason. A few of the pups might take longer, just to brain-power issues, but they will comment back in a day or two if I stop responding due to braincells. If I don't? Poke me. Please. I want you to poke me, if I've gone two days. And now I go respond to the Pendercest thread. ^_^

The puppet list:

Usually easy: Pepper, Weasel, Mickle, Miranda, Cassie, Carasel, Raphael, Rachel, Aredhel, Ann.
Occassionally hard: Cordy, Honor, Helen, Vairë, Nathan (except to Straightbriel and Maga), Styx and Aloysius.
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Actual life updates: now at soloecal.

Fandomly things (by which we can all read: DF) will remain over here.

Take your pick which you want to stay friended at. soloecal will probably update one to three times a week, this will -- update as I feel like it. Which can be very often. As you know.

Hopefully this journal set up will last more than a year. Um.
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Doctor currently says malnutrition. I'm getting some blood work now, and more in a week. The more is a vitamin workup.

Nutritional soy shakes are icky.

And. Um. I have other stuff -- but just look at the icon I'm using.

That is the icon for "I'm frustrated and don't much want to vent, but here you go: I'm pissed off right now".

However, in this case? I've got no reason to be.

Stfu, GabeandGryph. I do so lack a reason.

I also have a puppet pissing me off, because said puppet is using up most of my brain processes, but refuses to actually do anything.

And juggling Pendergast and River at once is hard on my brainz, zomg.

Current Mood: irritated irritated
Current Music: Runaway Feeling - The Thorns

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This post is just to say that I'm an incredible dork.

And that painless migraines are almost worse than the insufferably painful kind.

Must remember my aleve for tomorrow, because augh, that was bad. I may try retaking the posttest tomorrow, when my brainz are in better working order.

Will also be at the doctor tomorrow, where I shall hopefully start finding out what's so wrong with me.

...Then again, having finally realized that this is a migraine, it's got very similar symptoms, just with less head-annoyedness. Which is not the same thing as pain. Hm. That's something to contemplate.

ETA: Mother agrees it may be migraine. Hopefully, we're right. Except for the part where the medication for migraines may mean inability to write. And I could not function like that. Near tears thinking about it.

Current Mood: sick sick
Current Music: On Fire - Switchfoot

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Give me a number between 1 and 3153, and I'll upload the corresponding song off of my playlist for you.

Yay, memes.

(I still feel the same way I did a year ago. It hasn't gotten any easier.)

Current Music: Easy Money - Billy Joel

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...So. One of the things I've been stressing out about and feeling like a failure over and being reduced to tears due to?

Done. Finished. It isn't perfect, but -- that was never the point.

The other? Going to start dealing with it today.

I'd say things are looking up, but they're really not, due to insecurities and Issues.

I really hate this time of year.

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Current Music: I Miss You - Incubus

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What is Angie doing today?

Winding floss. Fifty-one colors of it.

This will probably take her three and a half hours.

Come talk to her while she does it and after, because after?

After, she is going to be doing a different project that will need frequent breaks and stuff. So. TALK TO HER.

Yes, this means you. Kthx.
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I'd just like to say that eighteen months is a very long time.

And I don't even --

There's no way to finish that sentence.

Two thirds of the way there.


Has to be.

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Current Music: Los Angelenos (DVD Version) - Billy Joel

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...Integrity, people. Morals. Honor.

This was going to be a longer post.

But that's all that needs to be said.

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Current Music: The Great Wall of China - Billy Joel

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I was going to write a long rambly entry about my adventures with fairy and the panther early this morning for Rabbit Hole Day, but I didn't.

I was too busy writing. I've produced almost a thousand words in the past four hours. Six hundred were work on Needles(s), which has yet to gain a working title and I still don't know much about it, beyond what happens with the birds.

Life. Unlife, which isn't death, but a different kind of notlife.

Needless is needles with an extra s.

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Current Music: Get Rhythm - Johnny Cash

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Miracles happen.

That's honestly all I feel like saying about this whole ordeal.

Miracles. Happen.

This is why I believe. Because there are things that this is the only way to explain.

I'm just -- grateful. ...Also, watch as Angie magically matches her moodicon to her icon.

Current Mood: grateful grateful

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